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Our experienced technical team is a combination of civil engineers, mechanical engineers, technicians and designers.  They can design, engineer and generate all the drawings and calculations for equipment project. If needed, we can also do the on-site surveys.

Our design tools are at the forefront of the industry:

Solidworks™ Simulation Premium :  3D-CAD and simulation software for stress calculation (FEM) and Kinematics .

Catia – V5 : 3D-CAD.  Aerospace Standard

Autocad : Mechanical drafting

Belt Analyst™ A software used to compute and design belt conveyors that will meet  CEMA requirements.

Dynamic Analyst™  – Pro suite : A sofware used to compute the loads on conveyor’s components under dynamic loading and load transitions such as starts and stops.

Bulk Flow Analyst™ Chute Edition : DEM software (Discrete Element Modeling) for 3-D simulation of bulk material flow in conveyor and chutes.

Safi 3d :  Finite element analysis for steel structure and buildings.